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DayZ - Black⚫ honest review


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My honest review on DayZ - Black

Besides that, there's some missing features, it's a great ebook I enjoyed so far 200+ hours with.

ESP: 9/10ITEMS/VEHICLES/ZOMBIES/PLAYERS/BASES - I give it 9 because I get one slider for everything and if you are in city you have to play with it little bit, turn some of them off, slide it little bit lower etc... and sometimes in middle of fight it is really annoying, there could be different colors aswell, but at the end it serves its purpose very well...

Magic Bullet (AB?): 10/10 I used it on my server just for testing purposes, I know that on modded servers with active admins they have logs for this and if they check you, you are most likely screwed on all top servers, you have to be cautious and don't have like 50:5 K/D otherwise they will check you and game is over, you should always be out of a radar. It teleports a bullet into enemy in fov circle and absolutely shreds them! but sadly it ruins all stuff on them, like backpack,pants,jacket, I'd prefer normal AB aiming on head 😄 but again, it serves its purpose very well...

Built in Spoofer 0/10 - DON'T USE IT ! - It shouldn't be there if it's causing bans👀, many ppl don't read everything and jebait themselves into ban.... 👉good thing I have an UP Standalone spoofer for a lifetime 😏 and 👉YOU SHOULD GET IT ASWELL 💪

It's awesome I use it for finding players and get into interactions with them, helping them, or bullying them, depends on their reactions 🙊
I paid and get my shit immediately 💯
Great and helpful support 💯 but next time I'm gonna try a BLUE one ^^

happy ebooking friends ✌️

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