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EFT Yellow Questions


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I had a few questions regarding the EFT Yellow product you offer. I am definitely a rage cheeser right now and just wanted something to take care of those exit campers.

1) Does this support the most recent version of Windows 11?

2) Will I need to buy an additional HWID Spoofer or is it included in Yellow?
2a) Does it work similar to your standalone version?
2b) Will I need to first do a fresh install of Windows?

3) Are there any issues using this on a laptop GPU?

4) How long has it been since you have had to update the code?
4a) If a detection happens for another user do you send an email letting everyone know to hold off on using until you can correct the issue?

5) I could not find any guides on your website. Is there any walk through documentation for starting it up and using?

Any clarity is appreciated.

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Yes 🟡 games work for Windows 11. We sell a standalone spoofer that can be used with a variety of games including EFT. No you dont need to install reinstall windows before using our cheese or spoofer unless youve been banned of course then its always recommended to do at least a revo uninstall after a ban (which we have a guide of how to do so) ... If a detection happens we alert all users of course.  You cannot find any guides because you have purchased anything yet 🙂

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