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EFT - YELLOW ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​🟡


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My Honest Review on Escape From Tarkov - Yellow 🟡


From the beginning I would like to thanks @Admin and staff for their hard work, I really enjoy using UP every time I when have more time for gaming

So far I played 125hours with Yellow 🟡and I love it!!!  I used to use Blue 🔵 - it has more features but it tempt you to use all of it and then you get banned fast, so I like Yellow 🟡 more cause I usually use only ESP.

ESP: 9.5/10 - most important feature in every multiplayer game, works very well, shows you PLAYERS/BOTS/ITEMS/EXTRACTS - I suggest to add BOSS ESP aswell and I will give it 10/10 😛 When you start game I recommend to use higher "Max Distance" around 600+ and  have "All Items" turned off and everything else turned on, to spot valuable items and then lower "Max Distance" to 40-50 and turn on "All Items" 

ESP.jpg.9eef621d0411a15e068662ac7d136840.jpg ITEMS.jpg.9a911434c2eb6686d590a187ffb81a26.jpg

AB: 9.5/10 - Even tho I don't usually use AB, I tried it for one day and It works great, even if target is running for longer distances I can kill him with no problem if I have also "No Recoil" turned on it's massacre, I suggest to add "Bone Target" "Random" so at the end in statistics it looks more natural....and I will give it 10/10 🤪 but anyways I recommend not to use it, if you wanna look legit and last longer without ban.


MISC: 10/10 - Great feature for rage killing, Turn on AB+No Recoil and go rekt em all, but I recommend to not use it on your main acc, if you want last longer withou ban, use it only on fresh accounts and use UP Standalone spoofer 😉...(You can even boost people for real money, I used to do 10 rounds for 10$ but then they reported my nick to devs so I stopped doing it 😄)   there used to be a "No Sway" feature aswell but it got removed recently I wonder why? maybe it caused some issues.


Other Features: - You can set up COLORS and HOTKEYS for AB, PANIC KEY and MENU KEY. I suggest to add second AIMBOT KEY and Save settings feature but who could ask more for only 60.99$ per month 🤗

COLORS.jpg.62446c1f9a2c2a92e51789db549f7eb9.jpg SETTINGS.jpg.f236e38a226e056943e529baf1fa2eb1.jpg


easy to use

It's nice and cheap cheez with everything you need to dominate & rekt

for unassuming people who wants to play legit without features like flying, looting through walls, unlimited stamina etc which gets you banned quickly imo

video: Here is short video from my first day


Stay Safe & Happy Ebooking Friends ✌️



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