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EFT Experiences and Underground Providers


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I stumbled upon this website while searching for a EFT cheese. I had already used Ring 1 for a trial day by another provider and wanted to use a week long key. The Cheese itself works flawless, I'm day 10 on an account using all the features, which are quite extensive. All i do is keep my KD below 10 and even though i wreck people and no doubt get reported i am still cheesing without the loss of a single account, so in that respect it's top.

The process of installing is covered in depth by Underground Providers with text tutorials and video tutorials, which makes it easy and simple to install.The process of purchasing is also made easy by their support staff they currently have in their discord, always active and friendly people willing to help.


I have used other cheeses for EFT and this is by far the best experiance i have had yet, no fuss, simple and effective.


10/10 and I'm now on my second purchase of a week key.


Thanks guys.



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